How We Work

Our founder, Jill Farrell’s professional connections across the region and around the country are vast and varied. This network allows her to partner with the best in their field developers, designers, illustrators, video producers, process experts, and more to join the FSG “bench”. Jill analyzes each client’s project and then customizes the project team to match each project’s objectives and audiences, to utilize the best of everyone’s passions and skillsets. We work across disciplines to manifest social change and bring about lasting impact on our clients’ mission and work.  We believe in a community approach to our company where we all can pursue our passions on our own as entrepreneurs and come together to bring a project to fruition as a team. We feel that what we each do individually only serves to set the world on fire when it’s combined and strategically managed. We believe in the power of collaboration over competition and as result our clients get the most effective communications at a fair and reasonable rate. 


Jill Farrell

Founder & Strategic Director

Jill has over 15 years experience in the communications, marketing, design and public relations field. Starting out as a newspaper journalist on Cape Cod for the Cape Cod Voice then following the Atlantic coast to South Florida heading up the marketing and PR for Visit Palm Beach where she engaged in all levels of digital and traditional marketing. Jill received a Master of Science in Environmental Policy and Conservation and set out to marry the best in communications tactics with science and mission-driven businesses. Jill was the Community Impact Program Manager for the Piscataqua Region Estuaries Partnership for 8 years. Jill conceived, designed, and launched the Community Impact Program which focuses on the organization’s public persona. Jill headed up a full rebranding, comprehensive website redevelopment, multiple social marketing campaigns, science translation efforts, and multiple large events, conferences, and partnerships. In 2017, Jill helped to launch Roca Communications a social impact communications firm dedicated to working with nonprofits, universities, public programs, and businesses to make a positive impact on the environment. And now, Jill has set out on her own to pull together the best in the business experts to deliver the most effective communications and marketing programs for businesses, non-profits, and those who believe in the power of purpose and story.

These amazing folks are on FSG’s bench…


Alicen Armstrong Brown

Web & digital design

Alicen Brown owns her own graphic design studio Studio NACL and partners with FSG on our website and design projects. Alicen has been a graphic designer since 1981. She is a specialist in business and organizational identity design and its consistent application to marketing collateral, especially website design. Alicen has worked with a wide variety of businesses including corporate-level, start-ups, retail, and nonprofits across the US.


Dan Fruend

Video-for-business specialist

Dan Fruend runs his own video production company at My Friend Dan and works with FSG on our video projects. Dan is a video producer and consultant with over 16 years of experience in the creative industry. He has worked across a range of industries including higher education, ecommerce, and private equity.