We've Launched!


Farrell Strategic Group is live!

<—- This right here is the feeling of being ALIVE — because that’s what launching my own business feels like — BEING ALIVE!

So this picture is from New Orleans Jazz Fest, one of my absolute favorite places to be on the planet, but this face and the feeling it shows is how I feel today — ALIVE! Not only is FSG’s website finally LIVE but so is my very own business, it’s alive! This feeling is electric! That’s the thing with starting and running your own small business it is such a mix of emotions from the despondent — “is anyone going to hire us”; to the jubilant — “we got our first project!”; to the frustrating — “how do I do (blank) on my taxes.” This is small business ownership and it’s a wild ride! But much like the life experiences of travel, of struggle, of love, of loss, of live music, of sailing, of hearing a kiddo laugh, of cheersing with friends, of bonding with family — this is the beauty of being alive - the ups, the downs, and everything in between. This business is my life. My life is this business. Because that’s who I am and that’s what I am building - something that is authentic and real, something that is solely about my clients, their purpose and work, and us together bettering this world. And that makes me feel so ALIVE!